Car Dealership TV Commercial

Riverton Chevy is Utah’s number 1 Cheverlote dealer. Riverton Chevy called on one of the most amazing Ad Agencies in town to help them create a TV spot that showcased their success. The Ad Agency Rumor Advertising worked with Savvy Productions to create some stunning visuals. Most local car ads look cheap and identical. Because of this, the car dealership commercial needed a lot of attention to detail. “The goal was to make a spot that stood out of the crowd and was memorable and I feel we did it”, said Stephen Smith who owns Savvy Productions. What do you think? If you like this ad and need help on your next video project be sure to get Savvy.


Fun Fact:

The still image of the Car Dealership is multiple photos Savvy Productions took and had to stitch together to make one photo. To make it even more challenging, the photos were taken in the winter when the dealership was surrounded by snow.

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