Car Dealership Commercial

Doug Smith Subaru is proud to help the local community and one charity they been supporting for years is the American Fork Marching Band. Doug Smith wanted to create a TV spot to showcase the American Fork Marching Band and not focus on selling cars. Welti Call who handles Doug Smith marketing thought of a fun way to achieve this task. They partnered with Savvy Productions to make it happen.


The Process

This TV commercial was tricky because the marching band had to play a specific song. If Savvy Productions would have just shot a bunch of footage and then tried to make it work it would have added to the budget and created stress. To make sure everything went smooth during the filming process Savvy Productions invested a lot of time in pre-production. Every shot was planned out in advance so the brand new which beats they needed to play during each scene filmed. Below is the storyboard edited to the music the band would play:

    Car Dealership Commercial

    Once the storyboard was approved it was time to film. The end result was a video that went viral. This video had more views, shares, and likes than any Doug Smith Facebook post ever. Or as the client said:

    “This spot “KILLED” it on Facebook in March”


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