Car Dealership TV Commercial – “Dream Big”

Savvy Productions is always up for a challenge. Rumor Advertising asked Savvy Productions to create a local Super Bowl spot with a really tight deadline. Did Savvy Productions pull it off? Watch the spot and decide for yourself.

Concept To Completion

Rumor Advertising is well known for coming up with clever concepts that impact their audience. They worked with Riverton Chevy to create the script for the TV spot. It just couldn’t be any formulaic car commercial script. This spot was going to run in the Super Bowl. It had to hold its own weight against multi-million dollar national TV commercial.
Savvy Productions was given a tight schedule to plan, film and edit the spot. They had under 24 hours plan the logistics of the car dealership commercial. Then a day to film it and a day and a half to edit the spot and get it to the TV station.
In order to make sure everything went smoothly Savvy Productions created a storyboard of the TV ad. This process actually saved hours of work the following day when the commercial was filmed. By having everything figured out in advance the crew was able to move rapidly from scene to scene.

    Of course, this didn’t mean that there weren’t any setbacks. The actor who was going to play the salesman got sick the morning of the shoot. Other problems such as glares in the windshield had to be painted out in post production.


    Considering the unusual short turn around time it was exciting that this spot was a massive hit. It was voted by many as the best local Super Bowl spot for 2017.  Would you like to create a memorable commercial? Then be sure to get Savvy.

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