Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Whiteboard animation videos show fast drawing and help simplify complicated concepts. As an added bonus they are more memorable than talking head videos. Savvy Productions was excited to work with BK Billing to create their whiteboard video. The end result was a success and the client said the video was a:

“Grand Slam home run!”

Don’t take their word for it. Watch the video for yourself because there is something mesmerizing about watching a drawing come to life. This video starts with a blank whiteboard and shows how a bankruptcy attorney can benefit from bifurcation. What is bifurcation you ask? Then you need to watch this whiteboard video. It uses bold images to convey this complex subject foreign to many bankruptcy attorneys. Bifurcation can grow their practice and prevent them from not getting paid.


Everyone, has a story, what’s your story? Get Savvy Productions to help tell it in your custom whiteboard video. Your audience deserves to be wowed!

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